Car left running in garage to blame for 2 York Co. deaths

Ambulances were seen leaving the Hardy families home along Water Street in Jacobus after police say a car was left running all night in the attached garage sending carbon monoxide through the home. 

“I heard sirens actually and I walked out to the balcony and I saw a girl on the phone in tears and there was a bunch of cops and than the ambulance came,” said neighbor Theresa Wilhelm. 

Nancy Hardy, 44, and her 14-year-old son Preston were found dead in their respective beds along with two family dogs by their sides.

Whitney Metzler-Krosse spoke to the media on behalf of the Hardy family Wednesday afternoon. She worked for Hardy at TLC Montessori School.

“All signs point to it was just a horrific accident whether she was planning on running back out for milk or just planned on stopping by the house quickly and running back out there is no foul play suspected,” said Metzler-Krosse. 

Friends of the Hardy family and neighbors were doing their best to cope with the difficult situation.

“Nancy was not only a close personal friend of mine but she is the only daycare provider my kids have ever known so she was a second mother to my children,” said Metzler-Krosse. 

“I talked to her everyday, about school and I was friends with her on Facebook and I talked to her about her granddaughter, it’s very tragic,” said neighbor Lucille Hollingshead. 

Police say the home did not have a carbon monoxide detector, something that could have saved their lives. 

“I would think everyone should have it because after something like this, it gives you a wake up call,” said Wilhelm. 

The TLC Motessori School in Jacobus is owned and operating by Nancy Hardy’s mother, Jan Rosenbaum. The school has plans to rename the school after Nancy. 

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