Pit bull lovers defend breed

Pit bull attacks have been in the news over the past several days.

On Wednesday, ABC27 reported on a 78-year old York County man who was attacked by two pit bulls. His dog was also killed in the attack.

Thursday night, we spoke with a group of Midstate residents who are big fans of the pit bull breed.

Janine Guido of the Speranza Animal Rescue hosted what she referred to as a “pity party” at her Monroe Township farm for the public to meet the young pit bulls she has up for adoption.

“Just to spread awareness … with everything going on in the media right now regarding pit bull-related incidents,” she said of the party. “We just want people to come out to meet them, show them they’re an awesome, resilient breed. They’re loving. They’re great family pets.”

Like a lot of people who love the pit bull breed, many of the folks at Speranza have a problem with how the dogs are portrayed in the media.

“Yeah I do,” said Kevin Hause, a volunteer at Speranza, “because a lot of people use them to fight with and everything else and then when the public sees them and they do get into a fight; it’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the human being’s fault for teaching them to do what they do.”

Speranza has over 30 pit bulls of varying ages that are up for adoption.

Tiffany Danner came to adopt one after seeing his picture online.

“I fell in love with his eyes,” she said. “And then my husband actually looked on there and sent me the same picture that day, didn’t even talk to him about it. So, we came here and fell in love with him.”

Tiffany’s sister was a sucker for another pair of eyes. She also ended up going home with one. Volunteer Courtney Gregory understands.

“They are the friendliest, cuddliest, full of kisses, lovable dogs ever,” she said. “I definitely would take more if apartment complexes would allow them.”

“It’s all in the way they’re brought up,” said Guido. “They just need to learn to love and trust people and they’ll give it right back to you.”

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