Perry countians clean up after second round of storms

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People in Perry County say it will be a few days until their lives return to normal.

Many are still cleaning up after the straight line winds that moved through the area Tuesday night, followed by a smaller storm on Thursday.

“We’ve already put a lot of work into it,” homeowner Angela Roberts said. “The driveway is totally blocked, we’ve had probably, I think, five trees down, furniture in the pool. It’s going to be four or five days of good, hard cleanup for us.”

Roberts says the storm on Thursday undid some of the cleanup work she had done with her husband, but she also says things are moving more quickly than she expected, thanks to the kindness of some neighbors.

“Everybody that we know has offered to come and help even though they have their own mess to clean up,” she said. “It’s been a community effort.”

Some neighbors say they’re surprised about how far people are going out of their way to help others.

“A dear woman that the storm didn’t hit real hard at her place and she had electricity, and she was going house-to-house and telling people, ‘you can use our shower,’ ” Dolores Irvin said. “It was just really nice to see.”

People in the area say that attitude has helped the cleanup move along.

“[Roads] were closed – power lines down, huge trees across them,” Watts Township employee Jeff Woods said. “All our roads are passable now. We’re getting back on our feet.”

Power is back on in Perry County, and road crews say they’re hoping to be done with their work in a few days.

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