Over 200 marijuana plants seized at Lititz-area home

A state police narcotics unit showed up in the 1300 block of Bunny View Drive in Warwick Township and busted 26-year-old Michael Andrew Alexander for growing marijuana.

The arrest certainly got the attention of his neighbors.

“I was really shocked to see the level of activity,” neighbor Leslie Morgan said. “There were hazmat suits and the whole nine yards.”

Police said they seized 229 growing marijuana plants and two more pounds of marijuana ready for sale, along with cash and indoor grow lights and equipment.

“This was definitely out of the ordinary,” Morgan said. “I had suspected that was a house of drugs but did not know for sure, and then when the police activity showed up it confirmed it for me.”

Morgan was not the only neighbor who thought something was strange.

“From the time they moved in it was a constant flow of traffic in and out, and you noticed some of the cars cause they were here all the time,” a neighbor who lives next door to Alexander said. She did not want her identity revealed, but says she tried telling police about the pot growing last year.

“I stood in my driveway and told Detective Zimmerman that it is a drug house and they are growing pot,” she said. “The front bedroom window had a black tarp over it, it would fall every so often an inch or two and you could see the glow of a plant light.”

Alexander was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to deliver, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said they had been working undercover to catch him since June.

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