Bomb threats made to 2 Lebanon stores

Bomb threats were made to two stores in Lebanon about five minutes apart Wednesday night, according to city police.

In the first case, an employee of the Rite-Aid in the 400 block of South 9th Street told officers a caller had indicated that a bomb had been placed in the store. The employee placed the call on hold to phone police, and during that time the caller hung up, police said.

Officers were dispatched to the Rite-Aid around 6:35 p.m. The store was briefly evacuated and nothing suspicious was found, police said.

While clearing the call, police said they were dispatched to the CVS in the 800 block of Bowman Street where the manager reported a threatening phone call was received around 6:30 p.m.

The caller demanded the manager activate seven Green Dot prepaid debit cards to prevent the bomb from going off, police said.

The manager did not believe the threat to be credible because CVS has warned stores of hoaxes where callers threaten to set off bombs unless they are paid through Green Dot cards.

The FBI said last year that the growing scam has been reported throughout the United States.

Police checked the store and found nothing suspicious.

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