Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

It’s summer travel season and many families can’t afford big trips. There are plenty of places to visit that are close to home. Old Town Alexandria in Virginia is only two hours away.

Nestled along the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria is a modern town with old world charm.

“We welcome you to Old Town Alexandria to have a great American family vacation filled with history and creative imagination,” said Claire Mouledoux of Alexandria Visitors Association.

Speaking of history, this was George Washington’s hometown and he liked to get around. Gadsby’s Tavern was a favorite for our first president.

“He was here interacting with businessmen.He would entertainment them and have drinks with them or a meal,” said Wellington Watts of Alexandria Colonial Tours.

Special guests were wined and dined in Washington’s private room and when he would get sick, Mrs. Washington would head to the apothecary which opened in 1792.

There’s also plenty of shopping and dining and entertainment on King Street which is the main street in Old Town. The waterfront also offers a gorgeous view of the Potomac River with boats, shops and ice cream for the kids.

“It’s very family friendly. It’s very pet friendly and there’s always something going on in Alexandria,” Maria Jose Ovalle of Alexandria said.

Although you can walk everywhere, there is a free trolley that takes you up and down King Street. Many people also don’t realize Old Town Alexandria is full of spirit and spirits.

“People don’t realize it, but you are standing in one of the most haunted city’s in the United States. There are ghosts surrounding you,” Watts said.

Beautiful, charming and quaint; Old Town Alexandria is a great getaway for a family staycation.

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