Police patrol problem intersection in Lebanon County

Police in Lebanon County have a warning for you if you will be in Annville this weekend; they are keeping a close eye on a problem intersection.

Route 422 and Route 934 in Annville is often grid-locked.  Annville Police Chief Bernard Dugan said the problem can be alleviated if people follow simple traffic rules.

When you approach an intersection and you are in a hurry, you may be tempted to ignore a pedestrian and speed through, or you may stop past the line at a red light.  Dugan said all of those shortcuts could end up making you wait longer, or worse, cause a crash. 

Annville police have had enough and they are taking action.

“We’re trying to do an overall safety campaign in Annville and that includes slowing people down on Route 422 and 934,” said Dugan.

The biggest concern is when people stop at a red light past the white line.

“If you get even a car length in front of the stop bar and a truck comes the opposite direction, they can’t make those turns and then we have gridlock,” Dugan said.

“Well if I’m sitting there for an extended period of time, I may want to move the car a little bit to trigger the sensor.  But it’s not like you need to move it much.  A foot or two and that’s not crossing the line into the crosswalk, certainly,” said Matthew Fritz of Annville.

But Dugan said that will not do any good.

“More sophisticated than the old days, they had wires in the ground and it just doesn’t work that way.  They’re putting these smart cameras in the 422 corridor to manage traffic from one light to the next,” said Dugan.

It is not just vehicle traffic police are concerned about.  They are also worried about pedestrian traffic.

“Repainted our crosswalks to try and promote motorists to remember to yield to pedestrians.  We have a high pedestrian downtown area,” said Dugan.  “All these factors combined can really help make Annville a safer place.”

If safety is not incentive enough, Annville police want you to know they will be out in full force this weekend to make sure you are following the rules of the road.

Police said every day about 20,000 people drive along Route 422 in Lebanon County.

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