Manheim Borough cleans up after storm

It was just another typical night at the office for Steve Gergelyuntil a storm ripped through parts of Lancaster County, damaging the second floor of Harbor Engineering.

“It was a heavy storm, a lot of wind, and all of a sudden I heard a big rumble. I looked over to my right and saw a tree through the side of the building,” said Gergely.

He says the roof sustained the most damage.

“It’s pretty significant, a large portion of the roof was ripped off. We had a tree resting on the building, which was removed,” said Gergely.

He admits the crashing tree startled him. Fortunately nobody was injured.

“It was a lot of dust, a lot of plaster coming down, and a lot of confusion,” said Gergely.

Parts of Main Street in downtown Manheim were closed for the majority of the day. Crews worked to remove the trees from the road, and just for good measure they cut down a few still standing, with impending storms on the way.

“As far as the cleanup, it seems like it would be a full day,” said Dan Haulman with Grenier Industries.

Haulman says it was a busy day in Manheim. They were not the only crews that got called in on Thursday.

“It had to have been bad around here; there are cranes all over town here doing work,” said Haulman.

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