City engineers outline plan to fix Harrisburg potholes

City engineers have outlined a plan to tackle potholes that have plagued Harrisburg.

According to officials, the potholes on Marion Street (Verbeke to Reily) are due to subgrade failure.

The potholes on North 15th Street (State to Herr) are due to improper roadway drainage, and the same is true for South 17th Street (Sumner to Hanover).

These three roads must be reconstructed. They are currently being surveyed and designed by an engineering consultant firm.

City engineers said their goal is to have the reconstruction work started by September 2014 and completed in the following spring.

Authorities in Harrisburg also have a list of approximately 50 steel plates that span a hole where the asphalt has failed.

Asphalt failure can occur for a number of reasons, including failure of sewer laterals. When a sewer lateral collapses, a homeowner typically calls a plumber who might attempt to clear the line using high pressure water. Unfortunately, the high pressure water undercuts the material deep under the asphalt road, creating a void into which the road eventually collapses.

According to city officials, homeowners are responsible for the repair of broken laterals.

Other asphalt failures are caused by storm drain failures, waterline failures, sewer main failures. Capital Region Water is currently inspecting its lines using video cameras to prevent these types of failures.

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