New Megan’s Law compliance unit makes first arrests

A newly formed state police unit arrested two men during its first set of checks on convicted sexual offenders.

The Megan’s Law Compliance Unit checked the homes and workplaces of sexual offenders living in Juniata and Mifflin counties during the operation June 24-25.

Bryan Scott Wyland, 44, of East Waterford (pictured right), was arrested for failing to report an email address and Facebook account, police said.

Paul Leroy Kirchoff, 27, of Lewistown (pictured left), was arrested for failed to notify state police of his change of address.

The Megan’s Law Compliance Unit was formed to create greater accountability and monitoring of sexual offenders. Two new positions were created to staff the unit, state police said.

“They know it. It’s laid out to them in black and white. They get letters from a Megan’s Law Unit, as well as direction from the county district attorneys or the judge that sentenced them,” state police spokesperson Trooper Adam Reed said. “Certainly if you give false information, or even fail to register, you’re looking at some pretty serious charges; you’re looking at some felonies.”

Police said a third person is under investigation and charges are pending.

Reed said going forward, the unit will continue performing spot checks, as well as notify local police agencies when a sexual offender living in that jurisdiction is suspected of being in “non-compliance” with Megan’s Law.

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