Local Bachelorette contestant becomes fan favorite following elimination

From the start, Brian Osborne of Camp Hill got pulses racing on ABC’s The Bachelorette with his nervous demeanor and boy-next-door charm.

“I tried to be the best Brian I could possibly be and I think it worked out,” Osborne said.

The assistant basketball coach at Trinity High School was eliminated on this week’s episode, just shy of the hometown date round. He said he never would have applied to be on the show himself, but was nominated by two female friends from college.

He quickly went from skeptic to smitten after meeting Andi Dorfman.

“I was falling,” Osborne said. “I wasn’t in love but I was falling. That’s all you think about is Andi.”

Osborne said his elimination in Brussels came as a shock, but he still believes in the process, pointing to previous couples who have gone on to marry as proof.

He said he would look for love in front of a TV audience again, if asked.

“If I was asked to be the next Bachelor, I probably wouldn’t be able to turn it down. It’s a great opportunity. But at the same time I also have to keep in mind my coaching career, keep my head on straight.”

In fact, the hashtag #BrianforBachelor has been appearing on twitter for days.

As for the final four, he said he is rooting for Iowa farmer Chris Soules.

“The guy is a stand-up gentleman,” Osborne said. “If he wanted to date my sister I would let him.”

As for Osborne’s dating life, he admits he is “talking to” a girl who does not live locally. However, he said the relationship isn’t serious.

He encourages fans to approach him if they see him around town. But he has one warning; don’t hit on him by asking him if he’ll accept your rose.

“If I never see another rose again, I wouldn’t be made,” Osborne said. “Unless I’m giving it to my future wife.”

Osborne will fly to Los Angeles soon to tape “The Men Tell All” special. He said he’s anxious to ask Andi why he was eliminated so he can move on and focus on the next relationship in his life.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on abc27.

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