State police investigate robbery, assault at Quality Inn & Suites

Police are investigating a robbery and assault at the Quality Inn & Suites Hershey early Saturday morning.

According to state police, the suspect entered the hotel and brandished an assault-style rifle with a black cover over it.

He then pointed the weapon at the 20-year-old victim and said, “Give me all the money.”

Authorities added that the suspect also said “Don’t be the hero” at least five times.

The suspect tied the victim’s hands and ankles with bed sheets in a back room, then he tied a towel around the victim’s mouth. The suspect said “sorry” and told the victim to “go to sleep.”

He then hit the victim twice in the head with the bottom of his weapon, knocking him unconscious.

The victim regained consciousness and called 911.

The suspect went back to the drawer and collected more items before leaving the hotel through a side entrance and fleeing on foot. He got away with around $200 and multiple HersheyPark tickets.

The suspect is described as a man between 5’6″ and 5’8″ tall, approximately 130-140 lbs., and possibly between the ages of 30 and 40. He wore a black Indiana University beanie, black t-shirt, a gray long-sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, gray gloves with yellow lettering, and a black mask.

The victim was treated for head wounds at Hershey Medical Center and released.

Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police Harrisburg at 717-671-7500.

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