4 arrested in prostitution sting

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Four women were arrested in a sting operation that police said targeted prostitution at different motels in Fairview Township, York County.

Township police said they charged 30-year old Belinda Graham of Atlanta, Georgia and 36-year-old Fu Xiao Li, originally from Malaysia, with one count each of promoting prostitution Thursday after they agreed to accept money from undercover officers in exchange for services.

Ylynn Baskerville, 25, Courtney Thompson-Wagner, 27, were each charged with promoting prostitution and robbery, and Baskerville was also charged with one count of receiving stolen property, police said in a news release.

Police said that after Baskerville and Thompson-Wagner tried to leave the motel after were paid by the undercover officers, and Baskerville kept her hand on a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun inside her purse.

Baskerville admitted that the plan was to rob the “johns” with the handgun, police said. The gun was stolen in Fairview Township in 2010.

Several law enforcement agencies from three counties participated in the sting.

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