Pa. issues order against York County doctor

The Pennsylvania Department of State has filed an order to show cause against Dr. R. Dale McCormick, who operated at York Academy of Surgery in York County.

McCormick allegedly dumped thousands of personal medical records in a public dumpster at the York County Solid Waste Authority.

“The board has indicated the information they have shows there could be violations of that law, in particular with not maintaining patient records for seven years, which is required by the law, and also not maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality in regard to those records,” State Department spokesman Ron Ruman said.

McCormick has 30 days to respond. If he chooses not to, actions will be taken.

“If any of our licensing boards determine there was a violation, they have several options they can do as far as action, fine, license suspension or a license revocation,” Ruman said.

Under state law, doctors must keep patient records for seven years after their last visit. After that time, a doctor may dispose of the records properly.

What’s left of McCormick’s medical records are in the hands of the State Department, which continues to assure prior patients their information will not be made public.

“Information that is received here is held in the strictest of confidence, so folks should be told that and should feel safe that nothing will ever be made public,” Ruman said.

McCormick was not immediately available for comment.

Records show he contacted his patients prior to retiring in November. He asked patients to pick up their medical records, but only a handful did and the remaining records were dumped.

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