Dad caught on camera egging on daughter’s fight

Cell phone video captured a fight over the weekend involving at least four teenage girls and one adult.

It happened Sunday at Hillside Elementary School in New Cumberland. No one was seriously hurt.

In the footage, the adult — identified by his fiance as the father of one of the girls — can be heard yelling at the group to “keep going, keep going” and to “(expletive) her up” as another girl was punched in the face and kicked in the head.

The man’s fiance, who spoke with abc27 on the condition of anonymity, says his daughter and her daughter were both involved, and have both been the victims of bullying for months.

“I think enough was enough and his back was against the wall. You know, you have your kids coming to you, ‘Dad this, Dad that,’ over and over, and you go to the school, you go to the police — how much does one take?” she said. “Did he go overboard that day? I think we all lost our cool.”

Mike Genna, the father of a girl who witnessed the fight, said he wants charges filed against the dad.

“Kids will be kids and fight. And they were wrong for that — there’s nothing right about children fighting each other,” Genna said. “But it happens, and having a parent there telling her to hit a kid while she’s bleeding — that’s wrong.”

New Cumberland police are investigating this incident, and said they believe at least two adults may have been involved. They are currently reviewing video and other evidence, and said the West Shore School District is cooperating.

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