York County mom praises anti-texting technology

Texting drivers are swerving next to us and may or may not stop behind us.

“I wish I could yell at them, but I really can’t,” York College sophomore Samantha Melhorn said.

Melhorn can safely say that she does not call or text while driving, and a little box under the steering wheel proves it.

“The first thought was overprotective, you don’t trust me,” she said.

There are several choices in anti-texting technology. Samantha’s mom went with one called CellControl. It’s a small black box that clips under the dashboard. If Samantha tries to unlock her phone while driving or tamper with the device, an email is immediately sent home.

“It’s just the constant worry that a parent has once a child starts driving,” her mother, Denise Melhorn, said.

She agreed to purchase a new cell phone for her daughter if, and only if, she downloaded CellControl’s app that connects to the device.

“It will let you know if you have severe stops and they kind of give her a report card,” Melhorn said.

The device will disable within a minute of stopping so that the user can then start texting and calling as normal. Denise can also monitor the phones of people who drive her daughter’s car, like her boyfriend.

The college student says she no longer minds CellControl’s company in the car, and she now forgets her phone is there at all.

Her mom wants other parents to know about the technology. Devices like CellControl can be purchased for between $80- $120.

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