Power line collision causes I-83 rush-hour closure

The first thing that happened when an excavation truck came in contact with the overhead line was a surge of energy, enough of a shock to hospitalize the truck driver.

Then, lines came crashing down.

“I’m going to venture that it was just minor damage to the outside of the cars because of the impact of the cables coming down,” said PennDOT engineer Brian Moore.

Several cars were struck and around 7:20 a.m. traffic was brought to a standstill so that those lines could be de-energized. While that was happening, at least 700 PPL customers lost power.

“We are just rushing around trying to get them in the door as soon as possible,” said Joe Eisenhower.

Gulliftys restaurant in camp Hill was without power for several hours following the incident. For them, refrigerated food and prep-time was at risk. They were forced to open about five hours late.

“We basically lost the whole lunch business for the day and that’s something you never get back,” Eisenhower added.

Eventually though the lights came back on for all; the lines, restrung, and the driver who suffered the electrical shock is expected to beOK.

Anyone who may have had damage to their car should contact the contractor. You can do so through PennDOT.

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