Son of wounded veteran receives a special gift

A ribbon cutting ceremony in the backyard of Ryan Walton’s Felton, York County home turned into a neighborhood celebration. 

Walton suffered a spinal injury while he was serving in Iraq in 2008, but he finished his tour of duty.  One year later he aggravated his injury while he was dragging soldiers to safety during the shootings at Fort Hood. He did this while the gunman was still on the loose.

Walton asked Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc., for help purchasing a sandbox for his 4-year-old son, Aden.

Walton still has trouble getting around and its difficult for the 28-year-old to stay on his feet for long periods of time. 

Ryan says he felt bad that he would have to leave the playground early and his son would not get a chance to enjoy their outing. 

Wounded Warriors, along with a church outside of Philadelphia and several volunteers donated an all-in-one playground set that was placed in Walton’s backyard.  Ryan was overwhelmed by they gesture.  “Words can’t describe what the church and Wounded Warriors have done for us,” said Walton, “It is a beautiful thing.”

Ryan is scheduled to have his second spinal surgery next week.

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