Quick downpours lead to flash flooding

Quick downpours led to flash flooding in Northern York County. Several secondary roads in Franklin Township, just off of Route 15, were closed Friday afternoon.

Clear Spring Road, Water Road, and Lake Lea Road were just few roads where motorists were forced to find detours.

The floodwaters rushed right by Rodney Weese’s home on Clear Spring Road. “It is a lot worse than Hurricane Sandy. Part of the problem is a box colvert was put in above us, so it sort of magnifies the problem for us. We have had to build up several walls plus the drive way has come up over two feet,” said Weese.

Weese was heading back from the grocery store when the rain started to fall Friday afternoon. A trip that normally takes him 10 minutes. “It took about half hour 45 minutes. It is like every road I turned on it was just flooded out. Personally I will not go through flood waters. I would sooner be safe than sorry,” said Weese.

Many of the roads were back open by late afternoon.

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