Hanover mom to hold anti-heroin rally

The highly addictive drug continues to consume lives.

According to the York District Attorney, heroin killed 17 people last year. A York County mother says her son was once a part of those statistics and now she is trying to help other families dealing with the same heartache.  

“That morning my life completely changed,” said Tracy Lawrence-Felton of Hanover. 


It was the knock on the door every parent fears. 

“On July 20 at 5:51 a.m. is when a knock came at the door and two officers told me my son, Aaron, had passed away,” said Lawrence-Felton. “That morning I couldn’t fix anything. I couldn’t fix the fact Aaron was gone. I couldn’t fix the pain that his brothers were going through. I can’t fix it now. I can’t make anything right. I can’t make anything better or go back and do anything over.”

The loss of Aaron at the age of 20 will always leave a void in his mother’s heart. 

“People think it will never happen to me…it will never be my kid. I thought the same thing,” said Lawrence-Felton.

She is using her tragedy to give support to others. 

“It helps me in my grief. It helps me to help somebody else because that’s who Aaron was,” said Lawrence-Felton.

Two years ago she stared Hope vs. Heroin to bring people who have been negatively effected by the drug together. With more than 3,000 members, she is hoping their voices will inspire change in Pennsylvania. 

“House Bill 2090 has got to come through, which is the Good Samaritan law. It has got to go through and they are dragging their feet on this and we are losing people every single day to this drug. I mean Narcan needs to get out into the hands of police and families of addicts,” said Lawrence-Felton.

She called for help when Aaron overdosed and believes the Good Samaritan law, which encourages users to call 911 if someone overdoses with no fear of penalty, could have saved Aaron’s life.

“I can’t even call them friends because they left him to die. In order to get something done, everybody has to come together,” said Lawrence-Felton. 

She and others will come together Saturday at the Hanover Square from 1 to 4 p.m. for an anti-heroin rally. 

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