Cumberland County now using Facebook to find fugitives

Maybe you’ve heard of #ThrowbackThursdays? What about #MugshotMonday or #WantedWednesday?

It’s all part of a new social media campaign by law enforcement in Cumberland County.

In February, the Cumberland County Sheriffs Department Fugitive Unit took to Facebook with photos of those who they say have intentionally been avoiding police.

The success was swift and unexpected.

Since then, at least 15 seemingly “dead end” suspects have been brought in. This is thanks to shares and tips from family members, neighbors, and even the fugitives themselves.

Last week the department says a man owing $35,000 reached out.

“He calls in and the deputy answers and he said ‘let me guess.. Facebook?’ And he said, ‘yeah! My picture is on Facebook!’,” said Deputy Ron Kerr, “We directed him to where to make a payment and his warrant went away.”

He adds that the department attempts numerous times to reach out before any photo is posted to social media.

If you want to take a look for yourself, head to Facebook and type in “Cumberland County Fugitive Unit.”

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