York County veteran remembers D-Day

Kenneth “Pete” Geiger was 18 years old when he served in the Navy on D-Day and had an important responsibility during the battle at Omaha Beach.

Geiger lowered the ramps on landing crafts so soldiers could make their way to land.

“As we lowered the ramp, all these men got killed,” Geiger said, “They got killed and shot down like pieces of paper.”

Geiger says emotions were high during every drop, and some soldiers were afraid to walk down the ramp.

“Each time we took troops, some said, ‘If there is a God, please save us,’ ” Geiger said.

Historians call Omaha Beach a decisive Allied victory, and Geiger says the loss of American lives helped change the world.

He said the task of removing bodies from the beach began soon after the fighting stopped.

“They were throwing bodies in dump trucks, and then placed in a big temporary grave,” he said. “After the war, the remains were placed in the cemetery over there.”

Geiger turns 89 at the end of the summer. He says serving on D-Day was the greatest moment in his life.

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