York County family pleas for daughter’s release from Taliban

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Caitlin Coleman of Stewartstown and Canadian husband Joshua Boyle went missing 20 months ago while hiking in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, their families released two videos they received over a year ago from a Taliban member showing the couple in captivity. Their hope is with the national spotlight on the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, perhaps their children will be next.

“I am a prisoner of the Taliban, my husband and I here,” Coleman said in one of two videos recorded by the Taliban.

The young couple were taken while Coleman was pregnant.

“Their baby was born in captivity, who is now an 18-month-old who has yet to know freedom. We need to bring them home, save them, and quickly,” said Patrick Boyle, Joshua’s father.

Although a baby is not seen in either video, Coleman acknowledges she gave birth while in captivity, saying, “I would ask that my family and my government do everything they can to bring my husband, child and I to safety and freedom.”

Both the Boyles and the Colemans felt now is the right time to speak out and unveil the videos to the world.

“My daughter, my son-in-law and now my grandchild, that I do not know the sex of and don’t know the health of, are captured, and we are here to appeal and reach out to the world, to anyone, the captors or anyone who might have information or might be able to help us get our children home,” said Lyn Coleman, Caitlin’s mother.

They’re hoping their own government will make steps forward and more specifically they say they want their message to reach those who are holding their children.

“Ultimately, it’s the Taliban and the captors and if they want to contact us they know how to: through our children. We want to hear from them. What can we do to get them released,” Lyn Coleman said.

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