Marietta man fatally injured in crash on Route 441

A Lancaster County man was fatally injured when he crashed into a tractor-trailer on Route 441 in East Donegal Township.

Richard D. Smedley, 87, of Marietta, struck the back of the truck Wednesday afternoon near the intersection of Furnace Road, according to Susquehanna Regional police.

Smedley was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

His wife, 87-year-old Jean M. Smedley, also was injured and was admitted to a hospital.

Police said their initial investigation found the truck driver, 51-year-old Samuel Lightner of Elizabethtown, was stopped behind a vehicle waiting to turn left onto Furnace Road.

The driver of a third vehicle, a van, realized the rig had stopped and swerved right to avoid a collision, but Smedley could not stop in time to avoid the tractor-trailer, police said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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