A necessary hazard for driving: long stop lights

Among the many pet peeves that drivers may have across the Midstate, red lights may be near the top of the list.

No red turn light, no automatic trip at night, sitting at red while the non-existent opposing traffic has green; the issues are many.

“I always run late, so nine times out of 10 I just want to get going,” said Brittany Matthews. “Yeah, they do bother me.”

Wormleysburg Borough Manager Gary Berresford says he gets calls all the time from drivers who are disenchanted with a particular light.

“They have to sit there too long,” he said. “The left turn signal, they feel, doesn’t come on enough and causes them to have to wait too long to make a left.”

He hears that complaint about the light at Stella and Front Streets. That seems to be the most contentious light in the borough.

I asked my friend Brittany if she had one particular light that irritates her the most.

“I would say the one on Cameron Street and Paxton Street’s really annoying,” she said, “especially at nighttime when there’s no opposing traffic; just gets on my nerves.”

So how do they come up with these light times?

“We count the cars at the peak hours and really put that signal around that hour,” PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis said. “You want the signal times to have the main through route to have all green during peak hours.”

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