College graduates hope for no summer vacation

Kasi Hicks graduated last month from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in communications media. She is now looking for a job in video and production or something in designing computer graphics and layouts.

Kasi wants to enjoy summer, but she’s got that little nagging voice in her head that says she has to find work.

“I know we’ve only been out of school three weeks and everyone says don’t be worried, it’s just been three weeks. People have been searching for a lot longer than that,” she said. “It’s just not knowing what I’m going to be doing next and where my money’s going to be coming from.”

It could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week or next month. Hopefully, it won’t take longer. Kasi says she started looking for work in January. She’s had some nibbles, but the search continues.

“Around spring break in March is when I really started looking, and that’s when I thought I had this job opportunity that ended up being an internship,” she said. “Then, around May is when I buckled down and have been searching since then.”

Kasi’s got a lot going for her, and she’s very personable and upbeat which helps when you’re looking for a job.

“I get frustrated because I can’t find anything. And so then I’ll start watching TV and a few hours later, after I help out at home or clean the dishes or something, I figure, ‘I guess I should go back and keep looking for jobs’ and then I look on some websites and nothing’s changed.”

She checks the employment websites. She checks different companies’ websites and sometimes she sees something that seems good at first.

“We’re also seeing that when we search entry level that it’s entry level, but you need three years experience,” she said.

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