AG warns of medical phone scam

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is warning Pennsylvanians of unsolicited telephone calls that claim they may be eligible for compensation from a past surgery.

Kane said the callers may claim to be from a government agency or health organization, and have previously and falsely claimed to represent the Pennsylvania Medical Center, the U.S. Department of Health, American Healthcare, County Medical Register and the Medical Helpline Center.

Although the caller may ask about a recent surgery or a specific surgical procedure, the attorney general’s office does not believe the callers have access to medical information but are are hoping people will give it to them.

The caller will probe for personal information, and possibly asks for money to secure the compensation.

In an attempt to gain credibility through recent class action lawsuits advertised on television, the scammers have mentioned surgical mesh and artificial hip implant procedures, Kane said.

The attorney general’s office has the following advice for consumers to protect themselves from these calls:

– Do not give out personal or medical information over the phone;

– Tell callers seeking medical information that they must contact your doctor – no scammer will do that;

– Do not send money for the promise of future compensation;

– Do not answer a call from a suspicious number. If you do, you let scammers know that your number is active and you may be the target of future calls;.

– If you have given out personal information on one of these calls, check your bank account and credit card statements. Contact your bank or credit card company to remove any charges; and

– Report any suspicious phone calls to the Attorney General’s Office by calling 1-877-888-4877 or file a complaint at

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