Police charge owner after dog bit child

Police have charged the owner of an Australian Shepard after it allegedly bit a child and ran off earlier this month.

Manheim Township Police have filed citations against Lindsey Butters of Lancaster Township, charging her with Confinement of Dogs, a Dog Licensing violation and Harboring a Dangerous Dog.

Butters spoke with abc27 about the entire ordeal. She said 2-year-old Khaleesi did run out of her yard with a leash still on and nipped a child who had just jumped off a school bus.

She insists Khalessi is trained and tame. Butters can still not believe the charges.

“It seems outlandish to me,” Butters said.

abc27 spoke with the girl’s father who said his 8-year-old daughter, after exiting the school bus, suffered a “pretty decent bite,” and he took her to the doctor.

Lancaster Township does spell out its dog regulations online.

It deems it, “unlawful to allow dogs to run at large.”

“No owner will permit any dog to be upon any public property or the property of another person unless the dog is accompanied by or under the immediate control of the owner,” the website states.

Butters has not yet received the citations but plans to fight them. If she loses, she may move out of state.

Calls to Manheim Township Police for further information were not returned on Wednesday.

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