Police: Dover teacher made secret videos, had sex with student

A former Dover Intermediate School music teacher charged with 661 counts of child pornography earlier this year was arrested again Friday for making secret videos of students’ underwear, touching children inappropriately, and for a three-year sexual relationship with one girl that began when she was in the seventh grade, according to police.

Matthew Puterbaugh, 46, of Dover Township, was charged with seven counts each of wiretapping and invasion of privacy, ten counts of corruption of minors, and five counts of harassment, Northern York County Regional police said.

A second criminal complaint filed Friday contains charges of statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors and indecent assault.

Investigators said they initially identified 30 potential victims who were either touched in some way by Puterbaugh, or were the subject of one of the videos found on his cell phone or other digital media belonging to him.

Of the 30 initial reports, 15 were found to be not prosecutable because the incident did not meet the criteria of a criminal offense or the statute of limitations had expired, police said.

Police said the wiretapping charges are related to videos where the voices of victims were captured without their knowledge, while the invasion of privacy counts stem from videos that were taken up the skirt or shorts of students and show undergarments worn by the girls, again without their knowledge.

The corruption of minors counts include instances of invasion of privacy as well as three additional videos that were taken of the breast/cleavage and/or pubic regions of clothed students, while the harassment charges are for instances where Puterbaugh rubbed the legs and/or thighs of students, police said.

Police said the incidents occurred over the past four years and occurred at Dover Intermediate School, Dover High School band camps and practices, and at Dover High School graduation ceremonies at the York Expo Center.

The charges in the second complaint stem from a sexual relationship Puterbaugh had with a student, now an adult, who told investigators that Puterbaugh touched her and exposed himself to her during summer music lessons.

Toward the end of the summer, she said Puterbaugh had sex with her inside an intermediate school storage area during one lesson. She told police the sexual assaults continued over the next three years, and she estimates Puterbaugh had sex with her at least 80 times either at the school, her home or his house, police said.

Authorities began their investigation into Puterbaugh after a 12-year-old girl told school officials that he caressed and squeezed her thigh during a music class February 19.

The district suspended Puterbaugh immediately and contacted police, who said they then seized his cell phone and found numerous videos that appeared to be of school-aged girls. Faces from the videos were shown to school officials, who identified many of the girls as current and former students.

The child pornography was found on a computer seized from Puterbaugh’s home as part of the investigation. Police have said the pornographic images appear to have been downloaded from the Internet. The computer also contained more videos of Dover students that were similar to those on Puterbaugh’s phone, police said.

Puterbaugh, who had been released from jail after posting bond March 3, was returned to York County Prison on $250,000 bail Friday.

He was held for court on the child pornography charges during a preliminary hearing last month. His preliminary hearing on the latest counts is scheduled June 2.

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