First ever ‘Glow Run’ to light up Harrisburg

Lighting across the Harrisburg isn’t the best. In fact, 25 percent of the city’s 6,000 lights don’t work.

“Lights are very important. It shows the city is open for business and from a public safety standpoint, lights make people feel safe,” said Matt Krupp of Lighten Up Harrisburg.

With Harrisburg facing a cash crunch and only four city workers slated to maintain and replace lights, the city could use some help and it’s going to get it. The first ever 5K Lighten Up Harrisburg Glow Run will take place Saturday, June 7 at 8:30 p.m.

“We encourage runners and community members and others to get involved, to see what it means to be part of Harrisburg, to come out,” said John Campbell of the 5K Glow Run.

Runners can register online at It costs $25 to register in advance or $28 to register the day of the run. Runners will get a glow button then take off on a course that starts at Front and Locust, heads across the Walnut Street walking bridge, around City Island, south to Shipoke and then back to Front and Locust.

Stacia Zewe came up with the idea for the run. She knows first hand the importance of good lighting.

“I was running along Riverfront Park and I thought, ‘It’s dark here, maybe I should cross the street and run on the sidewalk.’ I did and about two  seconds later I fell because it was dark on that side as well,” said Zewe of Historic Harrisburg.

Proceeds from the 5K Lighten Up Harrisburg Glow Run will be used to fix lights on Front Street. About 20 of them are burned out.

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