National Guard stepping in to help with blight in Harrisburg

The City of Harrisburg has more than 1,500 abandoned properties.  The Pennsylvania National Guard’s Counter Joint Drug Task Force has been in the city all week, boarding up homes.  Officials say the effort is designed to prevent people from entering the properties and lower drug related activity and violent crimes.  Task Force members have boarded up eight homes so far, and the goal is to have nine properties finished by then end of next week.

Tony Parker has lived next to a blighted property on Crescent Street for several years.  He says it has been a daily eye sore and he feels like the city is making an effort to fix the problem.  “I have been living here 23 years, and the neighborhood has been crumbling,” said Parker,  “I am thankful they are stepping up their game and doing something, and hopefully the property values will go up.”

The city is providing the materials and the Pennsylvania National Guard is providing the manpower.  The Guard will continue the work until September 30.

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