Deliveryman ‘thanks’ thief who stole bike

After trying to chase down the man who stole his bike, a Harrisburg deliveryman took to the web and posted a sarcastic and downright snarky message on Craigslist in which he thanked the thief.

The post got a lot of attention around the area and the man who wrote it, Jake Ramsey, said he simply needed to let off a little steam following the incident.

“I was worked up. I just wanted to vent,” Ramsey said.

The post titled “To the man that stole my bike” included pictures of it as well as Jake’s family. It also sarcastically read, “I didn’t really need it, nor do my kids need to eat this month … my 3-year-old is looking a little chubby anyway.”

Ramsey relied on his bike to make deliveries for the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop on North Second Street.

It was early Wednesday morning. He was getting ready to leave work when a man took the bike from outside the restaurant. Ramsey said the bike was unlocked for just seconds and he made eye contact with a man holding it before the bandit took off.

“I am running down Second Street chasing him, he’s getting further away so I stopped and said, ‘Hey buddy, enjoy the bike!’ And he looked over his shoulder, he said, ‘I will,’ and kept on going,” Ramsey said.

But Ramsey was not without a bike for long. The now viral post prompted people to act, offer to help, and even donate bikes.

Wednesday afternoon, a businessman from Hershey, Todd Smith, who teamed with Hummelstown’s In Gear Cycling and Fitness, gave Ramsey a new ride.

Shortly afterwards, Ramsey, who is a member of the National Guard and in the process of setting up his lawn care business, forgave the thief.

“We all make mistakes. We all make poor decisions,” he said.

He did report the incident to police.

Read the post that started it all here:

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