abc27 investigates Lebanon ‘ghost town’

A viewer took a picture of the 300 block of North Partridge Street in Lebanon and sent it to abc27News. The viewer wanted to know why the street looked like a ghost town.

There are dozens of condemned homes that are boarded up, the siding is peeling off, there are holes in the roofs, and windows are broken.

“It just makes the town look bad that the houses are like this and still up,” said Ashley Muniz, who lives nearby. “I think they need to come down as soon as possible because it’s a major eyesore.”

Marilyn Vizcaino, who lives at the end of the street, said the street is more than an eyesore.

“We’ve been living with roaches and infestations of rats. It’s pretty disgusting but thank God for cats and d-Con,” Vizcaino said.

Vizcaino said the street of condemned homes is also breeding crime.

“Nonsense, stressful, it’s chaotic. It’s ridiculous we have to live this way,” she said. “I mean, we pay taxes. We wonder where our taxes go. We don’t really know anything besides this is the outcome.”

Vizcaino and her neighbors said they are anxious for answers.

“We try to look for answers and we don’t have anyone giving us answers,” she said. “They just put us on hold and we’ll be on the phone for hours and we still don’t get the answers for anything. It’s very stressful.”

Abc27 News also made some phone calls. City officials were pretty tight-lipped, but they said there is an ongoing project on the 300 block of North Partridge Street.

The city was awarded an economic development grant in 2011. That money is being used to vacate and demolish the homes, according to city officials.

City officials said the last residents moved out earlier this year and demolition is scheduled to begin next month, but they would not provide details of their plans.

Demolition cannot come soon enough for Vizcaino.

“I just can’t wait until it gets done because it’s terrible, just terrible,” Vizcaino said. “Please get it done, quick.”

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