Midstate celebrates Armed Forces Day

The Midstate hosted several events Saturday to commemorate Armed Forces Day.
Among them was the Heritage Days at the Army War College in Cumberland County and a solemn ceremony at Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County.

It was a light-hearted tone at the War College in Carlisle, where visitors enjoyed a celebration of American soldiers back to the 17th century.

“We have a civil balloon corps represented,” said John Giblin of the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center.

There are no Civil War soldiers still around, but there was a World War II veteran on hand who looked to be in very good health.

“We don’t have a lot of our oldest soldiers, our World War II soldiers, left,” said Giblin.

Several miles north and east it was a more somber tone at Fort Indiantown Gap, where the group Bugles Across America gathered for their 9th annual Echo Taps event. Twenty-three buglers were on hand from all across the state.

“I have one gentleman come in from Washington, Pennsylvania. I have them from the Philadelphia area. I have them from above Bethlehem,” said the PA State Director of the group, Howard Reitenbaugh.

“What we’re doing here and the music we’re presenting is not going to be for the people who can leave here when we’re done. We’re doing it for those that are here.”

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