Police seek road rage suspect, drivers weigh in

State police say a suspect pointed a sawed-off shotgun at another driver and threatened their life near the intersection of 581 and the Carlisle Pike around 4 p.m. Thursday.

Investigators are now looking for a white Subaru Outback or Forrester with a roof rack along with red and green stickers on the left side of the window.

“Everyone is just in such a hurry,” said Melanie Negley, a driver visiting from Alabama.

Once we told her about the incident, she said that after spending a few days on Midstate roadways she’s not surprised.

“Getting into a vehicle with a gun and getting irritated with the guy in front of you is a bad mix,” she said.

“We’ve had aggravated assault cases that resulted from road rage, with one person following another getting out of their car and actually approaching them,” Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said.

Freed adds that the line is thin between vehicle code violations and a criminal act where the car itself becomes the mechanism. Depending on what’s said, a verbal threats can easily become “terroristic,” and then there are the non-verbal actions.

Inappropriate or aggressive horn honking can often be seen as an instigation tactic for road rage. Pennsylvania law states it shouldn’t be used unless to express “warning to another driver.”

“We watched him with his window down, the whole top part of his body out the window, screaming and giving the finger,” Negley said of an experience she and her family had in Camp Hill.

All of the above are dangerous sights and sounds. So, how can a person deal?

“Just try and take a deep breath and get back on with what you were doing,” said another local driver.

“So, if someone flips you the bird, you are alright?” we asked.

“Yeah pretty much.”

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