Millersburg first grader gets big surprise

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Zackary Hoke is a first-grader at Lenkerville Elementary in Millersburg.

He was in the middle of a lesson on the importance of Memorial Day when the classroom door opened.

Zackary looked over and saw his two uncles for the first time in a few years.

Staff Sergeant Brett Weaver and Sergeant Trent Weaver had been serving overseas.

A few moments later, Zackary’s grandfather, Sergeant First Class Yohann Weaver walked in, and Zachary gave him a hug and was moved to tears.

Weaver spent a good part of Friday reconnecting with family.

“We stopped by the house before we came to the school,” Weaver said. “His brother attacked me, but I knew Zackary would be more mellow, and then he started crying. That was special.”

Yohann had spent the past nine months serving in Kuwait. Weaver has been deployed several times over the years, but he says it’s starting to get a little tougher because he would like to spend time with his grandchildren.

Zackary says he is looking forward to spending some time with his grandfather. He said the first thing he wants to do is help him mow the lawn.

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