Franklin County draws overseas corporations

There is a plot of land outside of Chambersburg that will soon be occupied by Brazilian manufacturers.

Just up the road from that is a Canadian company.

And beyond that is a building owned by a company from India.

The list goes on because community leaders in Franklin County are really going the distance to bring in development.

World Kitchen is a global manufacturing plant in Greencastle.

“They’ve got 500 employees. They’re expanding. They’ve added 100 jobs and it looks like they are going to add more,” Congressman Bill Shuster (R-9th) said on a tour of the facility.

The tour took place almost one year after cutting the ribbon to a new Norfolk Southern intermodel facility nearby.

“It’s really a transportation hub and that’s been driving a lot of this economic development,” he said.

But many have learned the best way to bring companies to the county is by going and physically getting them.

For Mike Ross, that meant a trip to South America.

“I said, ‘I cant go back to Franklin County without him agreeing to come with me,” said Ross, president of the Franklin County Area Development Corporation.

The CEO of parts maker TORCOMP did agree. Two weeks ago, the Brazilian company broke ground in the county, investing $9 million on the site and creating 73 jobs.

Additional contracts are now pending from companies in parts of Europe and Asia.

“What we are finding is that the United States is actually becoming a low cost place to do business,” Ross said, adding that the more businesses producing parts needed by other nearby businesses, the cheaper it becomes.

“These are jobs produced here in America that go into the world markets,” Shuster said.

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