Clear backpacks considered in York School District

These days, schools are putting more of an emphasis on safety than ever before. Now, York City School District is considering a new approach that would mandate clear backpacks for all students.

“I’d be glad if she had a clear bookbag,” said Amber Waters, whose 8-year-old daughter attends Jackson School.

“I think she’s going to school being safe, but first graders are going to school bringing guns so I don’t know these days,” Waters said.

Lately, it’s the unknown of what’s coming through school doors that scares her as a parent. She says clear backpacks would deter kids from bringing drugs and weapons.

“It’s a good idea. At least you’ll see if any kids bring guns to school or knives. I think it will stop majority of them,” Waters said.

Second grader Dejour Simmonds currently has a Champion-brand backpack and even he is willing to make the switch.

“I want to wear them so teachers can see what’s in the kids’ backpacks,” Simmonds said.

Clear backpacks are being worn by all Franklin Regional High School students in the Pittsburgh area after a student injured 20 people with a knife he brought to school in early April. Those backpacks were donated by the community.

At roughly $15 apiece, parent Fabio Aries says he has no problem spending for safety.

“I’d rather be safe, that way my kids are going safe to school and everyone knows what they are bringing in. I don’t want to be sorry,” Aries said.

There is a concern of invasion of privacy. Some parents say that concern is not enough of a reason to throw out the idea of clear backpacks.

“When it comes to the older kids, they have personal items, but if that’s the way to keep the school safe, I am with it,” Waters said.

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