Country singer to raise money for foster care children

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month and the number in foster care may surprise you.

“Fourteen thousand,” said Kathy Ramper, executive director for the Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association.

Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association works with foster and adoptive families to improve the quality of life.

Foster parent Kirk Hallett appreciates PSRFA. Hallett raised two foster children and urges others to answer the call.

“Do it because the benefits, long-term for sure, are very, very heartwarming, and the resources and support you will get from the foster care agency is phenomenal,” Hallett said.

PSRFA is trying to raise even more awareness by teaming up with country singer Jimmy Wayne, who visited the state Capitol last May to share his personal story.

At 13, Wayne landed in foster care after his mother left him on the side of the road. He endured numerous foster and group homes and ended up homeless. Then, at the age of 16, an older couple took took him into their home. Wayne found the love and support that allowed him to finish college.

He now fights for children in foster care and will use his music to raise money, too.

“It supports scholarships for those children that are seniors in high school that will find help nowhere else, so we offer scholarships every year to them,” Ramper said.

The Afternoon with Jimmy Wayne concert is May 24 at 3 p.m. at the Forum in Harrisburg. Tickets cost between $30-$50. Call Whitaker Center at 717-214-2787 to purchase a ticket or for more information.

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