Renovations begin at Camp Hill’s Siebert Park

The athletic facilities at Siebert Park in Camp Hill were designed and built in 1940. It’s safe to say it’s time for a facelift.

For the next year, loaders, rollers and dozers will be the only players on the field.

“My seniors had one home game their freshman year, that was it. They’ve been on the road ever since,” high school tennis coach Mike Barndt said.

It’s been four years since the high school could host a home track meet. The gravel led to slipping, the stands are crumbling, and the field house isn’t exactly a field house.

“The home team would go out on the pool deck,” athletic director Tony Beam said.

Beam said pride will soon be returning to home games.

A groundbreaking ceremony kicked off the $4.7 million revitalization project.

“If either the school board or Council did it on their own, it would have a big impact, but by doing it together the impact is going to be very minimal,” council vice president Rich Guerin said.

The school district will pay a usage fee to the borough for the next 30 years and, in essence, split the bill.

Upgrades will include new seating, a field house, public rest rooms, new softball and tennis courts, a new track and artificial turf.

“We are also putting down a concussion pad. We are using the best technology that we have right now,” Beam said.

One characteristic of years past will remain: the road above the stands where the community over the years has come together during games and events.

“We all really said we have to keep that,” Beam said. “It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of engineering that had to go into that.”

The first two home games of next year will be played at Mechanicsburg, but the hope is to have the project completed by October 10 – homecoming day.

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