Pay-by-phone parking coming to Carlisle

Pay-by-phone parking is coming to Carlisle.

Borough Council still has to approve an agreement with Passport Parking, a company out of North Carolina. First they need to enact an ordinance, which will allow the collection of the convenience fee for the service.

Once it is installed, motorists will be able to use a pay-by-phone parking app. They can fill an online “wallet” with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10.

A 45-cent convenience fee is collected every time a credit card is charged to fill the wallet. Twenty cents goes to Passport Parking, and the remaining 25 cents is charged by the borough.

Rates at the meters will stay the same, 50 cents an hour at silver meters and 25 cents an hour at gold meters.

The app, will also let you add to the meter from your phone, but only one time.

“It was going to be about $500,000 to replace all of our infrastructure and so we stumbled on this option and we saw kind of a good middle ground where as we can give people the option of paying using their credit card without having to do all the upfront costs,” assistant borough manager Debra Figueroa said.

Pay-by-phone should start in June.

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