Local vaping shop reacts to e-cig report

A new report by Nicotine and Tobacco Research claims some e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing formaldehyde in their vapor, especially when they burn at higher temperatures in vaporizers.

The American Lung Association has been keeping an eye on this topic.

“We have not had a chance to look at the report page for page yet, but our concern again is that we do not know enough,” said Joy Meyer of the American Lung Association of Mid-Atlantic. “So, we are going to see more and more of these studies come out and the FDA will take them into consideration as they are looking at the regulations.”

Stars and Stripes Vapor just opened on South Hanover Street in Carlisle. They sell customized vaporizers.

“They are a little more advanced than your typical gas station variety disposable,” owner Maurice Perrier said. “They are not prepackaged and I make all of the e-juice myself, that is the oil that goes into the vaporizer. The ingredients that go into a bottle of e-juice are the same ingredients found in children’s toothpaste. There is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine. Most mixers do not add anything else.”

Perrier has more than 40 different flavors of e-juice in his shop.

“I have got a new one: peach ice tea. You can taste the peach on the inhale and the tea on the exhale,” he said.

Perrier says vaporizing also helped him quit smoking.

“I have been a smoker for 44 years – at some points in my life, 50 cigarettes a day – and I quit overnight,” Perrier said.

The Centers for Disease Control has not backed e-cigs as a way to quit smoking, but vaping is becoming more popular.

“This is not a localized movement. This is going on worldwide,” Perrier said.

The proposed FDA regulations could take years to go into effect.

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