Val’s Kids: Stephen

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17 year old Stephen is this week’s Val’s Kid.
Stephen enjoys working on cars. We visited Dauphin County Technical School’s automotive class so he could get some hands on experience.
“I like cars, I like engines.” said Stephen.

Stephen is hoping to make cars his career. “I want to work on muscle cars and exotic cars where I can do a lot of work to them and put a lot of money into them. I’m going to go trade school. I’m thinking about Lincoln Technical Institute. I want to have my own business.” said Stephen.
This teen has spent some time in foster care and is looking forward to finding an adoptive family. “A mom and a dad to have fun with, and go out all the time. Not all the time but you know someone I can talk to,” said Stephen.


Stephen’s caseworker describes him as a sincere and caring young man. “I’d like to see him have a family that he knew he could rely on that would be there for him and help him grow and develop all these strengths that I know that he has.” said Marcia Moll.

Stephen is hoping to find a family that will share his interest, “I like to read. I’m reading lord of the rings right now and I’m almost through it. I just watched both of the movies that just came out they were pretty good. I like to play golf, I’ve been playing a little golf near my house. I like to cook and draw a little bit.” said Stephen.

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