Property owner told she didn’t need flood insurance wants refund

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Cindy Armour Helm decided to refinance her Second Street property in Harrisburg and was told by her bank that FEMA rezoned her area in 2012, and she no longer needed to pay for flood insurance.

Helm was shocked to hear the news. She says she was not notified by her bank, flood insurance company or FEMA that she was no longer required to pay for coverage.

She already paid her annual premium of $803 for this year, and she would like to get a refund. She called her insurance company and was taken back by their response.

“What I am being told now is, because the policy renewed, I can’t get my money back for this year, let alone for 2012 and 2013,” Helm said.

Helm says her old bank told her that a letter mailed in November 2012 indicated she was no longer required to pay for flood insurance. She says she didn’t receive the letter, or she would have stopped paying for coverage.

She says she called the hotline for the National Flood Insurance Program for help, but her call has not been returned.

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