State trooper shoots, kills York County man’s dog

Jeff Blitz says he let his 7-year-old Rottweiler, Ace, out of his Lower Windsor Township home on Thursday morning and moments later something happened that he will never forget.

Blitz was waiting in his garage when he heard the gun shots. He said, “They shot the dog and then came to the garage. The dog came around to me and he (the trooper) said ‘you better calm down.’ I said, ‘calm down? You just killed my dog’.”

Investigators said they were there to issue a warrant on Blitz’s daughter, who no longer lives in the house.

According to Blitz, the shooting took place before the task force knocked on the door and identified themselves.

State police said Ace charged at a trooper who fired three shots — two hit the ground and one hit the dog. 

Blitz believes the trooper used excessive force. He said Ace was not aggressive, was licensed with Lower Windsor Township, was never cited for being vicious and was shot in the side, which indicates he was not attacking.

PSP spokesperson Trooper Rob Hicks said the matter is being investigated to determine if the trooper used appropriate force.

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