Corbett speaks about support of medical marijuana research

Governor Corbett admits his announcement to support research of the oil form of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is a baby step.

“Let’s open the door a little. Let’s take that next step. Let’s do the studies and I believe studies are important,” said Corbett. “You take prescriptive drugs that there have been studies done on.”

The Governor did show some frustration with his critics who say all types of medical marijuana should be legal.

“How about the fact that we are making a move. I know some people would like to open the door and say we need it for everything, we need to be able to smoke it for this and that. No! One step. Let’s see where we are going. That is where I am willing to go,” said Corbett.

Corbett says Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and Penn State Hershey Medical Center are two hospitals being considered to hold the study. Dr. William Trescher treats children with epilepsy at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

“I think that is a positive step. We have already begun to identify who would be members of that team. We have not formally brought it together, there has been preliminary discussions as to how we would do this,” said Dr. Trescher. “We have a very serious condition that these children and their families face and this could be a good step to helping some of them.”

Corbett says he would still veto Senate Bill 1182, which would legalize all medical marijuana.

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