Reifsnyder’s piano store playing final refrain

After more than a century in business, a Lancaster landmark is playing its final refrain.

Reifsnyder’s is an institution that has been around for 110 years, but on June 1 the store will close.

Bill Crabtree started working at Reifsnyder’s 40 years ago. He said business now is even better than it was then.

“We’re in charge of 22 institutions and we’ve got a database of over 1,000 churches and schools that we service. We’re very busy,” Crabtree said.

Reifsnyder’s also provides concert pianos for five symphonies.

Crabtree said he was not planning on retiring anytime soon, but now he is playing a different tune because someone offered to buy the building.

“We decided to take advantage of the offer and so somebody else will move in when we move out.,” said Crabtree.

He would not say who.

Before Reifsnyder’s moves out they are having a grand finale sale.

“We have about 150 pianos and every one of them has to find a home. So we’re working with our manufacturers to offer pricing that will probably not be seen again,” Crabtree said.

From an antique 1904 Steinway and Sons to brand new models.

Crabtree said the decision to sell the business was a tough one.

“I’ll miss the people and the interaction with our good customers, but it’s time to relax a little and enjoy the grandchildren,” he said.

The piano sale is May 22 through June 1. There will also be an auction on June 7 for store fixtures and antiques.

Officials said all warranties will still be honored by the manufacturers. The store’s tuners are setting up their own businesses.

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