Val’s Kids: Michael

Michael is a teen on a mission.
The 17 year old is looking for a forever family here in the Midstate.
This week’s Val’s Kid wants to work in the hair and fashion world one day.

He visited Dauphin County Technical  School’s cosmetology class. “There are so many things I want to be partly a professional cosmetologist and a fashion business owner in New York and Paris” said Michael.

The teen is looking forward to a bright future and wants a forever family to help him on his journey.

Here are a few of his best qualities “I’m kind, I can listen and when I have a passion for something I’m willing to go for it! I’m willing to go for my dreams not matter where it takes me” said Michael.
He has spent years in foster care. “Since I was about 7 years old. It’s been pretty tough.” But Michael is still hoping he will find a permanent family. He would like to live in a city or suburbs with two parents and some siblings.”Michael needs a lot of nurturing; he needs someone he knows he can rely on that will be there for him. I don’t believe Michael will be totally independent. He may be able to live in a group home or with a family and he’ll be able to work but he is going to need somebody to oversee him and help him” said Adoption Specialist Marcia Moll. Michael still stays in touch with his biological family and wants to maintain contact after he’s adopted.

“My family that I have now is very important to me and I wouldn’t just want to give that up. I would still want to see them, especially my grandmother,” said Michael.

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