Residents watch for flooding along Conodoguinet Creek

With the Conodoguinet Creek expected to crest at nine feet early Friday, many in Silver Spring Township were keeping an eye on the creek.

Joel Kramer has lived along the Conodoguinet for eight years.

“I think each year you can kind of expect one good storm that’s gonna give you some flooding,” said Kramer. “I think I am always prepared. I do not have anything in the basement that would get damaged and everything that is down there is up, so I am always ready for the flood.”

Kramer said he does not believe the current storm will bring enough rain to cause any major flooding.

“I had a small concern,” he said. “They were showing the creek might crest at 9.6 feet. I would definitely have water in the basement with that, but again nothing major.”

Silver Spring Township road crews wanted to be prepared. They have three areas of concern during heavy rains: Biddle Road, Beechcliff Drive and Willow Mill Park Road.

“We are actually going out and getting the barricades in position. If it does get to the level they say it is going to be, we are right there and we can barricade on a dime, township manager Theresa Eberly said.

Eberly says the the biggest problem is not the flooded roads but people who try to cross them.

“It is anybody that tries to travel past or go through water. Even though we have barricades up, they try to go around. That is where you get into trouble,” said Eberly.

As the rain slowed on Monday, the projections dropped. The Conodoguinet Creek is now expected to crest around 6.8 feet early Friday, which is below flood stage.

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