Woman says she couldn’t let bank robber get away

A York County woman who her crashed her pickup truck to stop a suspected bank robber says she just couldn’t let him get away.

Tina Gleim was inside a PNC Bank in Warrington Township when it was robbed Thursday morning. When the robber fled with the cash, Gleim chased after him and intentionally rammed her pickup into his vehicle as he tried to make his getaway.

The robbery suspect, 38-year-old Alexis Laskowski of Boiling Springs, drove only about a quarter-mile before his vehicle became disabled from the crash, police said. He was arrested after a half-hour search involving four police agencies and a state police helicopter.

Gleim, 51, of Wellsville, said she just had to act before the suspect got away.

“I guess I wanted to take some action if I could,” she told abc27 News on Friday. “It seemed right at the time. I hope a criminal thinks twice about robbing a business in the Wellsville area.”

“The opportunity just presented itself to step onto the gas and run into his vehicle,” she said.

Laskowski was charged in the robbery of the Warrington Township bank and four others in York and Cumberland counties.

Police said he admitted to robbing the M&T Bank in Boiling Springs on Feb. 27, the F&M Trust in Boiling Springs on March 14, the M&T Bank in Mt. Holly Springs on March 18, and a Fulton Bank in Dover on April 14.

He is being held in York County Prison on $500,000.

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